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start with the vowel 
extended preposition 
one way to vote in senate 
sailors' stories 
to long for 
close but not yet there 
a ______ session in parliament 
start with the vowel 
one of the most common words in english 
short for Abraham 
naked, without clothes 
made of flour 
underage people grow them to get beer 
animal living close to water 
start with the vowel 
pointing to the whereabouts 
gaelic name (male) 
hebrew name (female) 
the world's largest subcontinent 
quite the contrary of the one before 
start with the vowel 
hinduist meditation word 
comic sound if something's tasty 
arabian country 
Marylin Monroe's real name 
why people take hostages 
ancient people, descended from the vikings 
start with the vowel 
The 'United States of Europe' 
french for 'street' 
more than what's thought possible 
former president (van) 
a very meaty sandwich 
what you do when you run out of booze at a party (2 wds.) 

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