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Can you name the words to the ladder around a famous Reagan quote?

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Together with [Rung 7], [Rung 17] and [Rung 24] the Reagan Quote
One type of tropical wood
A bird's 'mouth'
'I ate his liver with some fava ____s and a nice chianti'
The head of a university
Canadian Speed Skating Olympic Gold Medalist
Together with [Rung 1], [Rung 17] and [Rung 24] the Reagan Quote
From Dusk till ____
I need to mow my ____
What the police try to enforce
After you've hit some highs, you'll always hit some ____
Superman girl-friend: ____ Lane
Very expensive japanese fish
South-east-asian type of dagger
Short version of Cristina
Greek for many X-s
Together with [Rung 1], [Rung 7] and [Rung 24] the Reagan Quote
The opposite of fat
And if you're fat, you might have a double ____
The brother of Abel
Despite all efforts, it was all in ____
The largest skiing resort in the USA
What Bob Marley's Band would do, according to their name
Together with [Rung 1], [Rung 7] and [Rung 17] the Reagan Quote

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