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The mysterious master of wood, water, and hill who can resist the power of the Ring; character whose omission from the film caused perhaps the greatest outcry.Tom Bombadil
Gimli's father and former compainion of Bilbo; attended the Council of Elrond.Gloin
A wizard who was obsessed with nature, he unknowingly sent Gandalf to be imprisoned by Saruman; he also unknowingly sprung Gandalf when he sent Gwaihir the Eagle to Orthanc.Radagast
The 'River-woman's daughter' and the wife of an earlier answer to this quiz.Goldberry
Led Frodo and companions to the safety of Rivendell (replaced by Arwen in the films).Glorfindel
Hobbit who tended Frodo's second house (not Bag End) to keep up appearances; met a Ringwraith; refused to leave the Shire with the other hobbits.Fredegar Bolger
Gondorian guard and friend to Pippin; left his guard post and attempted to save Faramir when Denethor tried to burn him alive.Beregond
Description Character % Correct
The prince of Dol Amroth; fought alongside the soldiers of Minas Tirith and became one of Aragorn's chief advisors throughout the battle sequences.Imrahil
Spied on the hobbits in Bree and reported their comings and goings to the Nazgul; the hobbits bought a pony from him that bore his name. Bill Ferny
Elrond's twin sons and friends to Aragorn and his northern Rangers; may have made a brief cameo appearance, but were not given their full book roles.Elladan and Elrohir
The previous answer's son; also a good friend of Pippin's.Bergil
Commander of the Westfold in Rohan; rides in with Gandalf to break the siege of the Uruk-hai at Helm's Deep (his role was replaced by Eomer in the movies). Erkenbrand
Leader of the Druedain who led Theoden and the Rohirrim safely and quickly to Minas Tirith to confront the armies of Mordor.Ghan-buri-Ghan
Folksy Gondorian woman who worked in the Houses of Healing; recognized the need for a king's healing power when Faramir came to be in her care.Ioreth

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