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Can you name the following words which include the letters -RAD-??

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Sandpaper and pumice come in handy for this verb
A group of ornate posts supporting a railing
Go green and trade your plastic bags for ones that are...
Straight from the horse's mouth this piece of metal lets your steed knows who is boss
A team or military unit might develop this after working together for a long time
Putting on an act, or a game where one person can't talk
You're there when you're in Denver
Your pal in Soviet Union
Take the opposite position
An outlaw in the Wild West
To completely get rid of something
The process of being sent back to Nevada for that thing that was supposed to stay in Vegas
A unit of electrical capacitance named for a 19th century English physics nerd
A rate of ascent or descent or a type of derivative in multivariable calculus
To be done with school
A condiment that can really get your attention
An affable breed of dog that likes to fetch
A shindig where the party people wear masks and fantastic costumes
Something to see in Manhattan on Thanksgiving morning
An archetype or philosophical framework
The Garden of Eden, for one
Zeno, Socrates, Olber, Gray, Epimenides, and Bertrand were all confused by theirs
An angular measure
A surfer synonym for bodacious, boss, sick, gnarly, or righteous
Carbon 14, Cobalt 60, and Polonium 210 are all...
A doctor who looks at X-rays all day
An orbit which is backwards relative to the others
Something which is infrequent and irregularly occurring
A hissy fit
A plumber, electrician, or carpenter
A set of practices handed down from generation to generation
A person working on a bachelor's degree

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