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Can you name the words which contain EGO?

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ClueEgo Word
Moby Dick and Animal Farm may be examples of this literary device
Female sex organ of ferns with long necks and swollen bases
Rather than tell you to leave, a wizard in a movie may shout this
The Grateful Dead sang about a girl with these in her hair
A distinct class of something
A person who is far more concerned with themselves than others
Some conclusions are this
If you break the law you might end up here
A traditional form of Balinese dance
Popular toys from Denmark
A large unit of electrical resistance
ClueEgo Word
Having a disreputable origin
A person who frequents the cinema
A person who mans the phone for the police in a hostage situation
The ninth largest state
A camphorated opium tincture used to treat diarrhea in the 18th and 19th centuries
Another name for the introduction section of an essay
A layer of loose material covering solid rock
Someone who takes the blame for other people
The state flower of Utah
An armored dinosaur from the Late Jurassic period.
A formerly popular, but now discredited, idea that a child of a remarried widow could inherit the traits of the first husband
Being in a state of great sorrow or misery

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