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Who plays William 'Billy' GambiniKarate Kid
Marissa Tomei's characterFull Name
Billy Gambini's friendIn the Louvre
Store allegedly robbed
Ignition Timing for a 1964 Bel Air ChevroletNot a trick question
Vinny's middle nameAirport
Craftsman model 1019 Laboratory Edition Signature Series torque wrenches are used by who?Two
How many times did Vinny take the BAR
What type of tires were on the Buick SkylarkMake and model
Judge had trouble understanding this wordyouths
How many items did the defendants purchase
How many fingers does Mrs. Riley say Vinny is holding up?
What does the dry cleaner have?
How many bushes?Don't forget this one and this one
The Buick Skylark doesn't have thisA Corvette does
An adjective describing Vinny's objection
Vinny's alias
Vinny's fiance's occupation
Mr. Tipton may cook with these types of Grits
The case cracker!
Murder weapon
The victim
Murder's carNot a Corvette
JT makes this in the pool hall

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