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Your friend in the beginning, your enemy in the end
Your enemy in the beginning, your friend in the end
Former owner of Aperture Science
The vegetable GLaDOS is put into
GLaDOS' former name
The gel that makes you jump
The gel that makes you run very fast
The gel that allows you to put a portal on it
The name of the person you play as
The last remaining human in Aperture after you escape
Names of the multiplayer robots -1-
Tubes/vents that have the ability to suck things in. Was not released in the final game
Plates on the ground that send you flying
Bridges made out of sunlight from the surface
Laser beams that replaced the energy balls
Funnels made of asbestos that act as tractor beams
Name of the credits song
Writer of the song, and Still Alive
Company who created Portal and Portal 2

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