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HintDinosaur/Other CreatureHint 2
Tyrant Lizard KingOh boy, if you don't get this...
This creature in Jurassic Park didn't actually spit venom...No wonder you went extinct-RIP Dennis Nedry
It would be great at baseball...or bulldozing...or anything involving clubs...It ends in 'saurus'
An underwater terror up to 21 feet that lived in the Jurassic...oh, and it's not a dinosaur, but rather an underwater reptile...and BBC claimed it was 80 feet...Look Charlie! A ________!
It's always horny...oh god that was awful. It has three horns...Remember Cera (LBT)?
The largest wingspan EVER! Oh, and it's a flying reptile.Named after the Aztec god...
The cousin of Arizonaraptor...Oh come on, that was a dead giveaway...
Spiky tail, spiky back, tiny little brain...I REALLY want to see one of these fight Randy Savage
It was forever glorified in Jurassic Park for its intelligence, but was actually short and smart as a chicken...Clever girl...
It gives a giraffe a run for its moneyALSO in Jurassic Park...
Looks like a large crocodile with a sail on its backJurassic Park 3 anyone? Ha, I bet he loves to go sailing...
One of the largest alligator relatives ever, mainly found in the USA! Also not a dinosaur...A dentist's nightmare...Oh, I'd love to see this guy fight Randy Savage too!
He needs a pat on the back...oh, and he's a sauropod.AKA brontosaurus...
Considered the first bird (yet again not a dino...).I hope they were purple and blue...
And you thought your friends had thick skulls...Ok, I truly have GOT to see Randy Savage fight one of these...come on! It would be so cool...
HintDinosaur/Other CreatureHint 2
New Mexico's state dinosaur, and an early dinosaur too...I wonder if they were green, cause everyone paints them that way for some reason.
Those little buggers in Jurassic know, the green ones that eat that girl's bacon or whatever in number 2 and then try to eat her...I wish they had.You know, in the movies the dude totally did NOT need to fall over so many times...and the girl could've run. Man, it's amazing how stupid the victims are in action movies.
A Triassic dino, also very early, and could stand up on two limbs to eat off trees...Maybe he carried fine know, I'm using a ton of 'he's'...I'm gonna use she's!!!
Made a really obnoxious noise when threatened, like Donald Trump.Oh, he had a crest on his head too...dang, I forgot to use she...
Totally ripped off stegosaurus...only found in Tanzania by the way...I like it when British guys say Tanzania...
Good mother...Better than yours (BURN)! Oh, and it was a duck bill...DANG I SAID IT INSTEAD OF SHE!
Kind of like Bambi...only more...raptor-ymaybe this is what killed Bambi's mom...
Our favorite Jurassic theropod...He ALWAYS fights poor stegosaurus...why doesn't he fight Randy Savage
A very long sauropod from the JurassicNow this is what would be a monster burger!
Another reptile...oh, and it was underwater with a long neck and flippy floppies...Remember the magic words!
ANOTHER underwater reptile...he was like an itchy dolphin with fat eyes...Ok, you gotta admit this vs underwater Randy Savage=pure legit awesomeness!
Tiny, smart, bird-like creature who's name in Greek is 'woundning tooth'Finally, an actual good clue!
Like an ostrich, oh and this is our final Jurassic Park dinosaur!I just noticed I never used the word 'Cretaceous'
SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!!! OH YEAH!!!Ok, Randy Savage can't fight this guy...
She gave birth to you (finally, a she).OH SNAP!

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