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Can you name the Roald Dahl books from the character clues below?

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Main Character ClueBook Title
Somehow it's a big yet very friendly thing.
He has a rare condition of pronouncing everything backwards when he speaks? Must be rare.
He mixes things from the bathroom to create an unpleasant liquid for his dear grandmother? How mean. Or is it?
How he goes from being poor to rich just by visiting a factory is to me, very unusual.
He lived at the back of a filling station and could take apart a motor and put it back together again at the age of seven?!
He dreams of owning a sweet shop but somehow ends up helping clean windows in a bird's beak. Right.
Gets trapped in an elevator then finds himself in orbit? Wild life.
This animal like's to eat tasty children but soon gets a taste of his own medicine.
Main Character ClueBook Title
He's an animal who likes to steal food from 3 grumpy farmers.
The characters in this book like to play mean tricks on each other, even though they're married.
Scary looking creatures with no toes and itchy scalps. Fishy.
Right. So he dreams of visiting the USA, that's fine. But the mode of transport? It's beyond me!
A body part with magical powers? Nah, can't be.
He's told not to enter the Forest of Sin by his mother but doesn't listen. It's then when he befriends some small creatures to get rid of the monsters lurking in the forest.
She knows how to blow up a tv and throw a reptile on the school principle.
He like's animals. Oh no, not the furry kind. The reptile sort.

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