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What is an enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of electrons called?
What are reactions with negative Gibbs free energy called?
What is an organism that uses glucose as an energy, electron and carbon source called?
The production of ATP from exergonic enzyme reactions is called?
What do chemolithotrophs use as an electron source?
The process which generates ATP from glycolysis only is called
What does a photolithoautotroph use as a carbon source
The breakdown of molecules to generate energy and precursors for biosynthesis is called
Denitrification is an example of what kind of respiration?
Where does the energy for ATP synthesis by the ATP synthase come from?
The reduction of ubiquinone yields
What chemical group on ATP contains the highest energy?
What protein converts light energy to PMF without the use of electron transport?
What process involved the sequential shortening of fatty acids by 2 carbons (generating Acetyl-CoA)
What metabolic pathway is fed by Acetyl-CoA and produces NADH, FADH2, GTP and CO2?
What type of photosynthesis can use circular electron flow?
An enzyme that uses water to break a bond.
Use of molecular oxygen as a final electron acceptor is known as

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