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Can you name the dinosaurs from each of today's continents?

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name meaningGenustime period/continent(s) found in
stiffened lizardCretaceous/North America
roofed lizardJurassic/North America, Europe
speedy thiefCretaceous/Asia
thick headed lizardCretaceous/North America
Lambe's lizardCretaceous/North America
cold crested lizardJurassic/Antarctica
double beamJurassic/North America
crocodile mimicCretaceous/Africa
chambered lizardJurassic/North America
carnivorous bullCretaceous/South America
duck titanCretaceous/North America
small thiefCretaceous/Asia
horned lizardJurassic/North America, Africa, Europe
gas lizardJurassic/Asia
terrible clawCretaceous/North America
good mother lizardCretaceous/North America
helmet lizardCretaceous/North America
ancient wingJurassic/Europe
spine lizardCretaceous/Africa
great lizardJurassic/Europe
early horned faceCretaceous/Asia
bull lizard/perforated lizardCretaceous/North America
tyrant lizardCretaceous/North America
lightning beastCretaceous/Australia
name meaningGenustime period/continent(s) found in
spiked lizardCretaceous/North America
delta runnerCretaceous/Africa
volcano toothJurassic/Africa
brave lizardCretaceous/Africa
dawn plundererTriassic/South America
parrot lizardCretaceous/Asia
different toothed lizardJurassic/Africa
icy/frozen lizardJurassic/Antarctica
different lizardJurassic/North America, Europe
deceptive lizardJurassic/North America
bird robberJurassic/North America
chicken mimicCretaceous/Asia
egg thiefCretaceous/Asia
wounded toothCretaceous/North America
running lizardCretaceous/North America
well armed headCretaceous/North America
near crested lizardCretaceous/North America
gargoyle lizardJurassic/North America
arm lizardJurassic/North America, Africa
heavy clawCretaceous/Europe
pelican mimicCretaceous/Europe
three horned faceCretaceous/North America
shark toothed lizardCretaceous/Africa

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