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LetterCharacter (by Surname)Clue
ADeath Eater
BHistory of Magic Professor
CMuggle Studies Professor in 'The Deathly Hallows'
DDoomed Triwizard contestant
EProtagonist's mother's maiden name
FIce cream man!
GSecond most evil wizard of all time, defeated by Dumbledore
HFlying Professor
IEx-people, protected the locket 'horcrux'
JThe twins' best friend
KBulgarian seeker
LOne of the torturers of the Longbottoms
MPompous Hufflepuff prefect
LetterCharacter (by Surname)Clue
NSlytherin who can see thestrals
QDADA Professor with turban
RMinistry of Magic worker impersonated by Harry
SMinister of Magic at end of series
TAnother inmate of Gryffindor boys' dormitory
UYou must not tell lies!
VPut love potion in the chocolates she gave to Harry
X[first name] Wears yellow robes
YDeath Eater who had a rainstorm in his office
ZSlytherin, one of Malfoy's gang

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