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Name a map from the beta
Name a hero ability that has the name of a game mode in it.
What blaster does Nien Numb wield?
How much damage does two shots of the DL-18 do to a normal solider (no traits, no bacta)
What DLC brought the scout binoculars?
Name a Death Star infantry map.
(total number of blasters) + (total number of star cards) + (total number of chargecards)=
What blaster is modified to a pulse cannon?
What map can a stationary Slave 1 and Luke's X-Wing be found?
How many bolts does the bowcaster shoot at a time?
What alien head is unlocked at rank 60?
How many grenades are there in the game? (including bacta bomb and power ups)
Name a star card that can penetrate shields.
Which villain wields the RELBY-V10?
What was the last blaster added to the game that doesn't have an ability?
K-16 _____ Pistol
What blaster gives you one-hit melees?
In what month of the year was the game released?
Which hero/villian says: 'die as one!'?
What is the only planet speeder bikes are playable?
Name a hero/villian that can heal themselves?
What species is Bossk?
What type of blaster is a T-21? (e.g. shock blaster)
What was the new game mode in the Outer Rim DLC?
Name a villian that can use scan pulse?
What word is given to weapons that are most effective against vehicles?
What star card blinds infantry and decreases armour?
What is the name of the imperial droid that locks on to infantry?
What ability do Luke and Vader share?
What colour is bacta?
What is the only blaster that replaces your star cards with modifacations?
How many star cards are in the Scarif DLC?
__-50 Heavy Repeater
How many planets is there in game?
What power-up was added in the Outer Rim DLC?
Who is escorted to the rebel shuttle in Battle Station?
T-__ Airspeeder
Who uses the 'lucky shot'?
What is the first word said in the Bespin DLC trailer?
What is the first stage of Battlestation called?
What is the only primary blaster that can't be disrupted?

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