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Can you name these Lord of the Rings trivia questions beginning with each letter of the alphabet?

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A) Who does Aragorn fall in love with?
B) Who was penetrated by 3 arrows?
C) Who built the rings of power?
D) Who did Gollum/smeagol first kill to get the ring?
E) The capital city of Rohan
F) Who was the first king of Noldor?
G) Who was the queen of lothlorien?
H) The true names of the smallfolk
I) The home of Saruman
J) Was was Tolkein's forename?
K) One of the members of thorin's company
L) What was the name of the uruk that killed boromir?
M) What was the name of Sauron's master?
N) A descendant of the Durin's folk
O) The name of Legolas' grandfather (thranduil's father)
P) A member of the fellowiship of the ring
Q) One of the ent's names.
R) One of the Istari members
S) The name of Gandalf's horse
T) The leader of the Rohirrim in the timeline of the lord of the rings
U) The orc that captured pippin and merry at Amon Hen
V*) Hard difficulty: One of the kings of Gondor
W) The servant of Saruman
Y*) Hard difficulty: The goddess of Kelvar

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