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QUIZ: Can you name these Lord of the Rings trivia questions beginning with each letter of the alphabet?

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A) One of the members of the Fellowship
B) One of the member of the Thorin's company
C) First Name of J.R.R Tolkein's son
D) A steward of Gondor
E) The form of Sauron throughout the LOTR trilogy
F) Brother to Boromir
G) One of the Istari members
H) What was the refuge of the Rohirrim in Helm's Deep called?
I) This kingdom was led by Dain II
J) The surname of the director of both the trilogies
K) One of the Nazguls
L) A kingdom of Elves
M) 'Made of silvered steel'
N) A dwarven city that appeared in the game 'War in the North'
O) The servants of Sauron
P) The seeing stones of Middle earth, Saruman used one to contact Sauron.
Q) One of the elven languages
R) Elrond's home.
S) The main antagonist of the films
T) A talking tree
U) Shelob's Mother
V) These spirits were the power of Arda
W) The savage beasts of Isengard, often ridden by Uruks
Y*) Hard difficulty: Oldest child of Nolondil
Z*) Hard difficulty: Twenty-first ruler of NĂºmenor

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