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A member of the fellowship of the ring.
Daughter of Elrond Halfeven.
The most powerful dragon in Middle Earth.
Known as the defiler and in the Hobbit trilogy, was determined to finish off the line of Durin.
One of the Istari members.
The name of Aragorn's father.
The creator of the dwarves.
An ancient Kingdom of men. (The realm of the DĂșnedain in the region of Eriador)
A famous river in middle earth.
Boromir was killed here.
The native Language of the people of NĂșmenor.
A son of Finarfin. (grandson of Finwe)
Fourth child of Fingolfin. (High king of Noldor)
The world middle earth is located in.
The Witch King of _____
The name of the two giant pillars located on the river Anduin.

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