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Can you connect the Pacific and Atlantic by visiting the most states with the least Pro Sports Teams (see the rules below and How To Play)?

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You have entered a Road Rally Race and to win you must drive from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Your opponent is tricky. He's has rigged your car so if you visit the wrong state or consult a map then your car will be disabled and transported back to the Pacific Ocean. He has added extra lines to the quiz. You get 1 point for each state that you visit but subtract 1 point for each Big 4 pro sports team in any state you visit. For example if you visit MA your score will decrease by 3 (1-4) because MA has 4 pro sports teams. Each team in a city that is on the border of another state is divided equally with those other border states. For example NYC borders NJ so NJ gets 1/2 of the NYC teams and NY gets 1/2. You can only visit states that are adjacent to where you are and you cannot visit states more than once. Adjacent includes diagonals and please type the 2 letter state abbreviation as your answer. Good Luck!
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