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LimerickTV Show
At his work, dinosaur lifts a boulder.
Antics bring on Wilma’s cold shoulder.
He did not drive a Taurus.
Ate burgers-brontosaurus.
The two kids got a show when older.
Here's a show in real time just hours.
The Agent with cell phone has powers.
Internal double cross.
Hard to tell who is boss.
But the show is always Jack Bauer's.
Ex-Army-not bound by a tether.
Crazed pilot that always wore leather.
Leader smokes cigars.
Likes blowing up cars.
Love it when a plan comes together.
One has a retired cop for a dad.
PI team, they can make Lassie mad.
They do solve the crime.
Well, most of the time.
Shawn outkicked his coverage. Hey not bad!
Parenting surely dropped down a peg.
Refined dog that won’t pee on your leg.
Gay guy, well maybe.
He’s just a baby.
Mila smiles when she hears-“Shut up Meg!'
Smart and thin in HS-anorexic?
A gay friend and Jordan–dyslexic?
Add party girl, what the heck.
TV formula-put a check.
She later worked Homeland-so hectic
Teenage sleuth and police chief for a Pa.
Every week there was a new “aha”.
Smart writing abounded.
The bad guy was founded.
Turns out it’s that guy from LA Law.
The allies that were all in the clink
made tunnels that had all but the sink.
The Germans were dolts.
I know nothing, said Schultz.
The missions made SS leaders blink.
LimerickTV Show
The big house in So Cal, none finer.
Food seems like from Road Kill-the Diner.
Cash withdrawals-prevented.
Their pond was cemented.
Jed always had a good one liner.
Too funny, borderline so insane.
The main star grew to be postman’s bane.
Best comedy some thought.
About nothing the plot.
Who will be masters of their domain?
So Hellmouth it is in Sunnydale.
Pure evil to unleash if they fail.
Librarian and witch.
Cordelia's a b****.
Plus help from an “Angel”, rather pale.
Her job's done, usually, by a male.
She played rough that saved her from a fail.
One thing led to another.
Became a single mother.
A debate then began with Dan Quayle.
This decade teens were glad as a lark.
Most did try with a girl to go park.
Rock and Roll’s here to stay.
His go to line was hey
and yes he really did jump a shark.
Sometimes works a case with conviction.
His style is to always add friction.
A new team unfurls
Did Thirteen like girls?
It’s jarring to hear his real diction.
Half’s 'bout cops, evidence and the crime.
Finding perps, is grueling and a climb.
Suits set the pace
Fine-tune the case.
Jack argues the guilty should do time.
This show is time travel with a twist.
Who am I and now what have I missed?
He gets help from Al
(his hologram pal).
To put right what was wrong is the gist.

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