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Can you name the prime time scripted TV shows on a major network that started in the 1990's and ran for 7 or more seasons?

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Network-Type-Yrs.-1st Yr.TV ShowCharacter
NBC-Crime or Legal Drama-20 years-1990Adam Schiff
NBC-Crime or Legal Drama-18 years-1999John Munch
NBC-Drama-15 years-1994Mark Greene
FOX-Comedy-15 years-1999Tricia Takanawa
FOX-Comedy-13 years-1997Luanne Leanne Platter Kleinschmidt
ABC-Crime or Legal Drama-12 years-1993Bobby Simone
NBC-Comedy-11 years-1993Bob 'Bulldog' Briscoe
WB (1996-2006)-Drama-11 years-1996Mary Camden
FOX-Drama-10 years-1990Donna Martin
NBC-Comedy-10 years-1994Janice Hosenstein
NBC (1995-1996)-Crime or Legal Drama-10 years-1995Sarah MacKenzie
FOX-Sci Fi Drama-9 years-1993Walter Skinner
CBS-Supernatural Drama-9 years-1994Tess
ABC-Comedy-9 years-1995Oswald Lee Harvey
CBS-Comedy-9 years-1996Amy McDougall
CBS-Comedy-9 years-1998Arthur Spooner
NBC-Comedy-8 years-1990Lowell Mather
ABC-Comedy-8 years-1991Al Borland
Network-Type-Yrs.-1st Yr.TV ShowCharacter
CBS-Crime or Legal Drama-8 years-1993Amanda Bentley
CBS-Crime or Legal Drama-8 years-1993James 'Jimmy' Trivette
ABC-Crime or Legal Drama-8 years-1997Bobby Donnell
WB-Supernatural Drama-8 years-1998Paige Matthews
NBC-Comedy-8 years-1998Karen Walker
FOX-Comedy-8 years-1998Steven Hyde
ABC (1991-1997)-Comedy-7 years-1991Frank Lambert
NBC-Comedy-7 years-1992Fran Devanow
FOX-Drama-7 years-1992Billy Campbell
ABC-Comedy-7 years-1993Topanga Lawrence
NBC-Crime or Legal Drama-7 years-1993Frank Pembleton
UPN-Sci Fi Drama-7 years-1995Tom Paris
ABC (1996-2000)-Comedy-7 years-1996Salem Saberhagen
WB (1997-2001)-Fantasy Drama-7 years-1997Cordelia Chase
NBC-Comedy-7 years-1997Dennis Finch
NBC-Drama-7 years-1999Sam Seaborn
FOX (1999-2003)-Sci Fi Comedy-7 years-1999Amy Wong

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