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Can you name the prime time scripted TV shows on a major network that started in the 1980's and ran for 7 or more seasons?

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Network-Type-Yrs.-1st Yr.TV ShowSecondary Character
FOX-Comedy-28 years-1989Reverend Lovejoy
CBS-Crime Drama-12 years-1984Mort Metzger
NBC-Comedy-11 years-1982Ernie Pantusso
FOX-Comedy-11 years-1987Steve Rhoades
CBS-Comedy-10 years-1988Jim Dial
CBS-Drama-9 years-1981Lance Cumson
ABC-Drama-9 years-1981Sammy Jo Dean
NBC-Comedy-9 years-1984Nostradamus 'Bull' Shannon
NBC-Legal Drama-9 years-1986Julie March
ABC-Comedy-9 years-1988Jackie Harris
ABC-Comedy-9 years-1989Richard 'Richie' Crawford
NBC-Comedy-9 years-1989Susan Ross
ABC-Comedy-9 years-1989Luther Van Dam
CBS-Crime Drama-8 years-1980Orville Wilbur Richard 'Rick' Wright
CBS-Comedy-Drama-8 years-1981Cecilia Simon
CBS-Comedy-8 years-1982Darryl
Network-Type-Yrs.-1st Yr.TV ShowSecondary Character
NBC-Comedy-8 years-1983Elvin Tibideaux
ABC-Comedy-8 years-1984Mona Robinson
NBC-Legal Drama-8 years-1986Jonathan Rollins
ABC-Comedy-8 years-1986Jennifer Lyons
ABC-Comedy-8 years-1987Kimmy Gibbler
NBC-Drama-7 years-1981J.D. LaRue
CBS-Crime Drama-7 years-1982Bert Samuels
NBC-Comedy-7 years-1982Irwin 'Skippy' Handelman
NBC-Crime-Action-7 years-1984Dee Dee McCall
ABC-Action-Adventure-Spy-7 years-1985 Pete Thornton
ABC-Comedy-7 years-1985Richard Milhous 'Boner' Stabone
NBC-Comedy-7 years-1985Stanley Zbornak
CBS-Comedy-7 years-1986Anthony Bouvier
Syndicated-Drama-7 years-1987Beverly Crusher
NBC-Comedy-7 years-1988Charley Dietz
NBC-Crime Drama-7 years-1988Virgil Lawrence 'Bubba' Skinner

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