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Can you name the prime time scripted TV shows on a major network that started in the 1970's and ran for 7 or more seasons?

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Network-Type-Yrs.-1st Yr.TV ShowSecondary Character
CBS-Drama-14 years-1978Ray Krebbs
CBS-Drama-14 years-1979Karen Fairgate
CBS-Comedy-11 years-1972Pvt. Igor Straminsky
ABC-Comedy-11 years-1974Jenny Piccalo
CBS-Comedy-11 years-1975Harry Bentley
CBS-Comedy-9 years-1971Frank Lorenzo
CBS-Drama-9 years-1972Zebulon
NBC-Drama-9 years-1974Nels Oleson
CBS-Comedy-9 years-1975Julie Cooper Horvath
CBS-Comedy-9 years-1976Isabelle 'Belle' Dupree
ABC-Comedy-9 years-1977Vicki Stubing
NBC-Comedy-9 years-1979Natalie Green
Network-Type-Yrs.-1st Yr.TV ShowSecondary Character
CBS-Crime Drama-8 years-1973Betty Jones
ABC-Comedy-8 years-1975Carl Levitt
NBC-Medical/Crime Drama-8 years-1976Sam Fujiyama
ABC-Comedy-8 years-1976Edna Babish
ABC-Comedy-8 years-1977Larry Dallas
NBC -Comedy-8 years-1978Nedra Volz
CBS-Comedy-7 years-1970Sue Ann Nivens
ABC-Drama-7 years-1978Julie
CBS-Medical Drama-7 years-1979Ernestine Shoop
ABC-Comedy-7 years-1979 Katie Gatling
CBS-Comedy-7 years-1979Cooter Davenport

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