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Can you fill in the 7-letter missing words from these song titles? (missing words are in alphabetical order)

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The date is a release date of the song although some songs have been released numerous times. * designates a country song.
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Song TitleMissing
Sweet Home A____ (1974)
A____ Brick In The Wall (1979)
B____ the Night (1978)
Something to B____ In (1990)
She B_____ Me with Science (1982)
B_____ Lines (2013)
B____ Stance (1989)
B_____ Down The House (1983)
The Night C_____ Died (1974)
Where Have All the C___ Gone (1996)
Sharp D_____ Man (1983)
Pass the D_____ (1982)
Total E_____ of the Heart (1983)
Rock 'n' Roll F_____ (1979)
I Love You Always F_____ (1996)
F_____ for a Friend (1973)
G_____ Style (2012)
Song TitleMissing
G_____ Yellow Brick Road (1973)
Life Is a H_____ (1991)
Disco I_____ (1977)
Bubba Shot The J______ (1992)*
Drops of J_____ (2001)
K_____ In The Name (1991)
Hot Rod L_____ (1971)
Hold On L_____ (1980)
L_____ Fringe (1981)
Rainy Days and M_____ (1971)
Then The M_____ Comes (1999)
N_____ Girls (Need Love Too) (1988)
Baby It's Cold O______ (1944)
Quit P__ Games With My Heart (1996)
P____ Logic (1974)
P______ Dancer (1984)
Q_____ to Three (1960)
Song TitleMissing
R_____ in the Deep (2011)
Enter S_____ (1991)
I Shot the S_____ (1974)
S_____ Box (1975)
S_____ Blonde (1990)
T______ Love (1981)
T_____ Up In Blue (1975)
T______ Island (1978)
Uma T_____ (2015)
Everybody Have Fun T____ (1986)
I Knew You Were T_____ (2012)
It's Not U______ (1965)
High V______ (1976)
W______ to the Jungle (1987)
W______ Dreams (2014)
The Long and W_____ Road (1970)

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