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Can you fill in the 10 (or more)-letter missing words from these song titles? (missing words are in alphabetical order)

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The missing words are in alphabetical order. The date is a release date of the song, movie or TV show although some songs have been released numerous times. *-Song is from a movie or TV.
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Song TitleMissing
A_____ (Story of a Girl)-2000
Everybody (B______ Back)-1996
Love Is a B________ (1983)
My B______ Back (1963)
Mr B______ (2004)
What Becomes of the B_______ (1967)
C______ Gurls (2010)
C_______ Numb (1979)
Midnight C______ (1971)
C______ Junction (1973)*
Rainbow C______ (2001)
The C______ Story of Bungalow Bill (1968)
A Little Less C_________ (1968)
I Bet You Look Good On the D_______ (2006)
Are You E______? (1967)
E______ to Your Heart (1967)
F_____... What a Feeling (1983)
Song TitleMissing
My G________ (1965)
H_______ Hotel (1956)
H______ Devoted to You (1978)
Here Comes the H_______ (1994)
Theme from Mission: I_______ (1967)
Miss I_______ (2003)
(You're My) Soul and I_______ (1966)
Simply I_______ (1988)
L______ Breath (1971)
M______ Queen (1970)
I'm Bad I'm N______ (1979)
Bare N______ (1967)*
P______ Twist (1961)
Crystal Blue P______ (1968)
Streets of P_______ (1993)
My P________ (1988)
R_______ Cowboy (1975)
Song TitleMissing
Me and Julio Down By the S______ (1972)
S______ for Hitler (1968)*
S_____ Fields Forever (1967)
S______ Blues (1958)
Cheap S________ (1979)
S______ Minds (1969)
Goodnite, S_______, Goodnite (1954)
Mr. T_______ Man (1965)
U______ Angel (1977)
U______ It All (2001)
Poor U______ Souls (1989)*
Good V_______ (1966)
All Along the W_____ (1968)
W______ of London (1978)
Your Body Is A W_______ (2002)

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