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Can you name the starting 5 for each NBA Fantasy Team from the top 12 Colleges (points+rebounds+assists)?

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* Hall of Fame. + Active. NBA statistics only (no ABA). The position(s) listed are what they played plus what they would likely play on this fantasy team.
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NBA Points + Rebounds + AssistsCollege/PlayersPos./Primary NBA Decade(s)
1. 166,869
38387+17440+5660=61487C* 70's-80's
25279+4182+4141=33602G* 90's
19181+3279+4805=27265G* 60's- 70's
13447+3183+6025=22655G 00's
12803+6620+2437=21860F 70's
2. 162,861
32292+6672+5633=44597G* 80's-90's
23190+5634+4242=33066G/F+ 00's-10's
20042+8157+1761=29960F+ 00's-10's
19521+3053+3878=26452G/F 80's
18787+8048+1951=28786C/F* 70's-80's
3. 162,664
31419+23924+4643=59986C* 60's
25031+6999+4483=36513G/F+ 00's-10's
11012+11054+2553=24619F 60's
14399+3345+4095=21839G 70's
1236746152063=19045F 90's
4. 153,187
27313+16279+2398=45990F/C* 70's
26946+13748+3058=43752C* 80's-90's
22195+6677+6125=34997G/F* 80's-90's
12544+2072+2260=16876G 70's-80's
6663+3147+1762=11572G 70's
NBA Points + Rebounds + AssistsCollege/PlayersPos./Primary NBA Decade(s)
5. 139,674
24815+11607+2215=38637C/F* 80-s-90's
24368+3394+5624=33386G 90's-00's
14311+7137+946=22394C/F* 90's-00's
12260+2494+5175=19929G 80's-90's
11729+12359+1240=25328C/F 90's-00's
6. 126,783
17707+6559+10141=34407G* 80's
17253+11901+1328=30482F 80's-90's
14472+4179+2246=20897G/F- 00's
14510+7937+1505=23952C/F+ 00-10's
7. 125,966
26395+8007+6114=40516G/F* 60's-70's
14053+12942+2732=29727F/C* 60's-70's
12690+4152+2851=19693G/F 90's-00's
11972+2411+1338=15721G/F 00's
11944+6509+1856=20309C/F 80-s-90's
8. 123,078
20941+5177+1985=28103C* 60's-70's
18822+3478+9061=31361G* 80's-90's
9090+9233+3089=21412F 70's-80's
15079+3807+3057=21943G 60's-70's
14232+3942+2085=20259G/F 60's-70's
NBA Points + Rebounds + AssistsCollege/PlayersPos./Primary NBA Decade(s)
9. 122,216
28596+13099+3026=44721C 90's-00's
20880+12849+2369=36098F/C* 50's-60's
15948+2747+3563=22258G* 70's
8553+1087+2079=11719G 90's
4582+2535+275=7392F 00's
10. 121,205
24505+5272+4361=34138G+ 00'S-10'S
19591+6306+3094=28991F 90's-00's
15708+2852+3125=21685G/F+ 00-10's
10716+6376+1305=18397F/C 90's-00's
11907+4169+1918=17994G/F+ 00's-10's
11. 120,274
18336+4387+2097=24820G/F 90's-00's
17182+8124+3526=28832F 90's-00's
16159+7428+2663=26250C/F 90's-00's
13664+2208+3346=19218G+ 00's-10's
13383+6198+1573=21154F 70's
12. 116,968
26710+7804+9887=44401G* 60's
15840+5424+1861=23125G/F* 50's-60's
9168+5006+1384=15558F 00's
7094+4757+1053=12904C 50's-60's

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