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Can you name the missing word that ends the song and begins the movie?

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SongMissing WordMovie
Teach Your ________ Of The Corn
Ain't It ________ Girl
Freddie's ________ Man Walking
The Tide Is ________ Plains Drifter
Making Love Out of Nothing At ________ The Right Moves
We Can Work It ________ Of Time
Let's Go ________, Stupid, Love
Shock the ________ Business
Bleeding ________ At First Bite
Blank ________ Jam
Easy to Be ________ Candy
Mary Jane's Last ________ With Me
Twenty-Five Or Six To ________ Rooms
The ________-In-Law
Who's ________ Dangerously
Love Is In The ________ America
Bad ________ & Cigarettes
Whatcha ________ Anything...
Must Of Got ________ Highway
Midnight ________ Of A Dangerous Mind
SongMissing WordMovie
Stereo ________ In Atlantis
Paint It, ________ Widow
Already ________ Girl
A Moment Like ________ Is The End
Talk ________ Mary, Crazy Larry
The Lady In ________ Dawn
There's A Kind Of ________… ____, Sweet Charlotte
Love Is A ________ Earth
Stumblin' ________ Harm's Way
Bad Moon ________ Sun
Dirty Little ________ Window
Turn Down For ________ About Bob?
Say Goodbye To ________ Homicide
Mama Told Me Not To ________ Back, Little Sheba
Why Can't We Be ________ With Benefits
Don't Do Me Like ________ Thing You Do!
Don't Be ________ Intentions
On The ________ Days
The Edge Of ________ Road
Devil ________ Man

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