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Can you name the movie from the 2000's based on the limericks? Some limericks describe a specific scene or scenes from the movie.

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LimerickMovieLimerick (continued)
Kills the boss, he is pissed, 'bout the chase.
''Why did you, let others, have the trace?''
''I'm a clerk, just a fly.
Will you too, make me die?''
'That depends, do you now, see my face?'
In this time, you put up, with much crap.
All his friends, have their names, from a map.
'Course they bit, fatties first.
Cause they had, no speed burst.
His best rule, is be sure - “double tap”
Death took friends, with a bus, and a plane.
Better step back, here's a fast, moving train
Can't be too careful
You should be prayerful
Decapitation, can occur, with a chain.
The natives, did not like, the new guys.
Bloody brawls, Irish drop, like the flies.
Monk said let’s go yak.
Gets cleavered in the back.
The “Butcher”, finally stabbed, and he dies.
This movie, made parents, afraid.
What tweens do, when a family's, decayed.
They will steal, smoke, skip school
Peer pressure to be cool
It's tricky, when getting, L.A.'ed.
The Band Aids, music drugs, are all cool.
Lead singer, jumped from roof, to the pool.
Interviewing rock dudes.
In between their bad moods.
Penny Lane, surely did, produce drool.
She has goals, sweet revenge, work her art.
Underground, but escapes, 'cause she's smart.
Elle says ''You will die.''
Bride took her last eye
And then tries, five point palm, 'sploding heart.
Women treat, his clients, like the dirt.
He taught them, how it is, best to flirt.
Protagonist's a lefty.
Had a date on a jet ski.
Which allowed, him to take, off his shirt.
They tried to, take pictures, of the rat
Tech screwed up, so they lost, Damon, Matt
''I do my job, I'm not high.
You must be that other guy''
Most were shot, at the end, so that’s that.
There was an issue, with memory, short term.
Don’t trust Teddy, he will lie, like a worm.
Oh! The movie's, in reverse.
The color scenes, intersperse.
Spit in his coffee, now that did, make me squirm.
Wants a wife, interviews, many for hire.
His pick was, kinda nuts, and hid her ire.
His plan goes kaput
When she took his left foot
With technique, and some sharp, piano wire.
Evil finds, the small guy, and his bud.
He was stabbed, surprising, little blood.
Riding horses so fast
Little guy may not last
Miss Arwen, saved them with, a flash flood.
In Paris, the main judge, of the food.
Always seemed, to be in, a bad mood.
But he was taken aback.
Food memory, flash back.
Critic's happy, it's the end of the feud.
LimerickMovieLimerick (continued)
A weekend, hunting party, scheme is grabbed
The wealthy, Sir William is, poisoned and stabbed
Orphaned son wanted to do it
but his mother beat him to it
Neither one, by the police, ever nabbed.
From Africa, by her folks, she was flung.
Within cliques, she was high, on a rung.
Her response was quite drastic.
Double crossing a Plastic.
She was changed, by Mathletes, she's among.
Mom obsessed, 'bout her kids, too much heft
Dad was chill, but he was, quite bereft
Sexual tension, with the nanny
foreign but not, Pakistani.
When Mom ran, she announced, 'On your left.'
Calls the spies, from a roof, with a view.
''Where's the girl, that in France, helped our crew.''
''Just come in, it's our biz.
We don't know, where she is.''
Hand her the phone, she is right, next to you.
It's a trick, with hookers, Jackie Boy
Lost his arm, to Mia, real tomboy
The intruders all wound up dead
They strategically took Jack's head
Used it as, camouflauge, bomb decoy.
Their success, did not seem, all that hard.
Mostly hinged, on a great, business card.
After discussing 'The News''
Absolute mayhem ensues
It's a farce, and he's not, even scarred.
Music snobs, sell records, on vinyl
Have the best, Top 5 lists, that's final
But it wasn't so groovy
when Rob ruined the movie
Girlfriend study, like getting, tapped - spinal
The new champ, was trying, to be crowned.
Some owners, were just too, tightly wound.
Finals were a treat.
Even with 2 left feet,
the Terrier, defeated, the Hound.
They're early, to LA, coffee shop.
It's a day, of bad deeds, that won't stop.
But there's no discussions
when dealing with Russians.
The result, a bullet, ridden cop.
'''All students, stare at me, don't know why.''
''You're convex,'' said her friend, eating pie.
''I want to punch my teeth
when you call teacher- Keith,
so shut up, barf reflex, kinda high.'
Ends with band, on a roof, well sort of
Can the boy, find the girl, rise above
The cops threw the group out
He snuck back for a shout
Reinforced, all you need, is some love.
He's handcuffed, to this pipe, in the grime
Each tested, due to some, perceived crime
Can you kill to survive?
Only one stays alive
The Jigsaw, lying here all the time.

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