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Can you name the words synonymous with horse or are a type of horse? The answers are in alpha order.

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# of LettersWordDefinition
3A horse that is a red-brown color
6A horse that is still wild.
6A wild horse (Australian).
7A horse suitable to be ridden in battle.
8A horse that is red-brown in color
3A strong horse with short legs frequently used for driving.
4A young male horse
5A young female horse
4A young horse typically less than a year old.
7A male horse that has been castrated
4An old, ill-bred, or overworked horse (British)
4An adult female horse.
# of LettersWordDefinition
5A horse that people ride
7A small horse that lives wild in some parts of the U.S.
3An old, inferior, or worthless horse (slang).
8A horse with a golden-brown body and a white mane
5A horse marked with spots of white and other colors; mottled; spotted.
4An inferior old horse (British slang).
4A small horse
4A horse of the color sorrel, chestnut, or bay, sprinkled with gray or white.
8An adult male horse, especially used for breeding.
5A high spirited horse
12A horse that belongs to a breed that is considered of very high quality
7A horse that takes part in races while pulling a light vehicle in which a driver sits

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