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If one of the stars of Goodwill Hunting married the star of America's next top model he could be known as .....Robin Banks
If one of the three stooges married the singer who sang Take me Home Tonight and Shakin he could be known as.....Moe Money
If the character sidekick from Scooby Do married a tall thin rapper he could be known as......Shaggy Dogg
If Frazier's brother married the host of the E! show Fashion Police he could be known as...Niles Rivers
If the actor who is Sheldon's mortal enemy from the Big Bang Theory married the 'International Man of Mystery' he could be known as......Wil Powers
If the 4th sister from the TV series Charmed played by Rose McGowan married the creator of CNN she could be known as......Paige Turner
If the actress that played the terminator from The Sarah Conner chronicles married the New Orleans Saints QB she could be known as........Summer Brees
If Blake Shelton's wife married the rapper that recorded the #1 song Always on Time (featuring Ashanti) from the album Pain is Love she could be known as......Miranda Rule
If the title character from F Scott Fitzgerald's most famous book married the actress who starred in Homeland he could be known as......The Great Danes
If the actress from Goodwill Hunting married the actor from American Hustle she could be known as....Minnie Cooper
If JFK's mother married the 1st US President after Ronald Reagan she could be known as.......Rose Bush
If Atticus Finch's son from To Kill a Mockingbird married the actor from Easy A he could be known as.......Jem Stone
Hint Resulting Name % Correct
If Clark Griswold's son from the movie Vacation married the richest man in the world for 15 of the last 20 years he could be known as......Rusty Gates
If one of the actresses who starred in the TV show Designing Women married Ryan Oneal's ex long time girlfriend she could be known as.....Delta Fawcett
If the actress that played Private Benjamin married the actress who starred in Sudden Impact and was the long time girl friend of Clint Eastwood then she could be known as....Goldie Locke
If the lead character on Miami Vice married the star of Please Don't Eat the Daisies he could be known as.......Sonny Day
If a member of the Adams Family married the best actor winner from Kiss of the Spider Woman he/she could be known as.....Itt Hurt
If the the most recent republican US president married a 1960's leader of the Nation of Islam he could be known as...........W X
If one of the stars of Empire Records married an actress from the TV show Cheers she could be known as............Liv Long
If the singer of Chick Habit (last song from the movie Death Proof) married the actor who played Captain Renault in Casablanca she could be known as......April Rains
If the actress who said 'Why don't you come up and see me sometime' married one of Bill Clinton's alleged former mistresses she could be known as.........Mae Flowers
If the actor on the US sitcom The Office married the actor from the Crying Game then he could be known as.....Rainn Forest
If the Roman author, philosopher and military commander who wrote Naturalis Historia (the first encyclopedia) married the star of Monster's Ball he could be known as......Pliny the Elder Berry

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