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Can you name the new name resulting from the celebrity hookups based on the hints given?

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The object of this game is to guess the new name of the celebrity based on the result from a celebrity marriage to form a common saying or interesting combination. There is a hint to help identify each celebrity and another hint to help with the new celebrity name. For example if Star Jones married a celebrity named Joe Trek she may be a Sci Fi 1960's TV show and could be known as... Star Trek. So if you know one of the people but not the other, you may be able to figure out the answer by using the hint about the new name.
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HintsNew NameCouple
If the lead singer of the band that made 'Dance to the Music' and 'Family Affair' married the black actress in Kill Bill he would be particularly crafty and could be known as……
If the golfer played by Adam Sandler married a 1960's group member that sang 'Walk Like a Man' and 'Sherry' he would be located in the Big 10 Conference and could be known as…..
If the Sporcle Editor of the Sports category married a Robert Redford 1975 film character airplane pilot he'd be 'Great' at saying oooh, baby, baby and could be known as….
If one of the celebrities on 2015 Dancing with the Stars married the actress that played the evil Abby (main antagonist) on Knots Landing she'd be a gossiper and could be known as
If the youngest child from the sitcom The Middle married a brilliant TV doctor who reports to Cuddy he would be wind resistant to a wolf and could be known as…..
If the twin sister character from the book Gone Girl married the mayor of Quahog on Family Guy she would be a Horace Greeley disciple and could be known informally as…...
If one of the black prisoners in Shawshank married a famous mystery writer that has an award named after him he'd call a mirror a looking glass and could be known as….
If this boxer from an Oscar winning film married a 1950's singer who dated Burt Reynolds and whose name is on a major LPGA golf tourney he would sink boats and could be known as…
HintsNew NameCouple
If the dog on Beetle Bailey (comic strip) married an actor from Melrose Place he would always drive the most current car model and could be known as…….
If the neighbor of Atticus Finch married the character that cut his hand in Back to the Future (so Marty played guitar) he'd be a breakfast cereal and could be known as….
If the main character in Funny Girl married the star of a Rod Stewart song from 1971 then she'd provide a 2nd market for banks to sell mortgages and could be known as….
If the 1980's female singer of 'Queen of Hearts' married the toy in Toy Story (voiced by Don Rickles) she would be very muscular from steroids and could be known as….
If the actor star of All in the Family married the actor that was Kevin Bacon's girlfriend in Footloose he would be very musically vocal at Christmas and could be known as….
If the comedian who acted drunk on the Dean Martin celebrity roasts married a chef played by Meryl Streep he'd be apart from his parents and could be known as…..
If the woman who attempted to shoot President Gerald Ford married arguably the most famous Disney character she would be annoying vocally and could be known as…..

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