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For example This actress/singer was a really good golfer so why did H___ d____ her last shot? (Hillary Duff). Hillary is the 1st name of the actress/singer and duff is to make a bad shot in golf. So that is why the sentence kind of works.
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This female singer with the most Twitter followers can really handle a sword so you should see K_____ p_____ and thrust when fencing.
The former president from Texas is quite the gardener as evidenced by G_____’s b____ of roses.
This major League baseball player had many hits over his career so steadily P____ r____ up the ranks of the all-time hit leaders.
I did not know former astronauts who walked on the moon were so athletic but wow is N_____’s a___ s____.
During one of the action scenes in Sex and the City (walking on a sidewalk), the lead character sprained her ankle so bad, Mr. Big had to c____ B____ home.
After she told the reporters the number of hours she sat while Leonardo painted her portrait, it was asked “Why didn’t the M____ l___ __ more comfortable chair?”
Access Hollywood learned the comedian had just remodeled his kitchen so the interviewer asked his family 'Can D____ c___?'
The emperor had to suspect it would be political calamity to capture the beautiful Egyptian queen Cleopatra, so why did J____ s____ h____ and return to Rome?
Sure the female TV star from Party of Five is engaged to be married to the Australian tennis player but, a legitimate question is; “Does J___ l__ H___?”
The ranger deduced the lost actor crossed the river, but wondered;“Why did H__ f__ the river here since the water is very deep? I hope the force is with him.”
This young slender female pop/country singer looks like she would be a fast runner so many of her ex-boyfriends (and she’s had many) asked; “Why isn’t T____ s___ of foot?'
The actress became a risk taker after her movie in 1996 so her concerned agent asked her friends; “Why does H__ h__for tornadoes so much? It's dangerous.'
The former Civil War general decided to clear all charges, but his Press Secretary paused when asked by the press; “Will U___ g____ a pardon to the former President?
The baseball trophies (including the 1956 Triple Crown Award) were displayed above the fireplace on M_____’s m_______.
If this movie actress from Easy A lived in biblical times would E___ s___ the thieves and adulterers like the others?
It’s hard to find out where this rapper turned Kardashian lives so is K____ w___ or east of Hollywood?
This former American Idol was trapped in a house that was struck by a tornado. The rescue workers found C____ u___ w____ but unharmed amidst the rubble.
This actress from Scream also worked at the cemetery. Her competitive coworker asked their supervisor 'Did D___ b__ m___ bodies today then me?'
The singer was paid last year for the concert he performed so why did J___ c___ his check just yesterday?
The drummer decided to fund a movie for him and his girlfriend. The other 3 more famous band members chuckled amongst themselves and asked 'Will R____ s___ in his own movie?'
The singer was mellow on the Picture duet but you should hear K___ r____ out on the song about Northern Michigan.
The actress was diagnosed with a disease that required extensive painful treatments to cure. 'I want to l____' T____ said, when she was asked if she would go through the ordeal.

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