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Can you name the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States?

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Year AppointedClue
1789Last name is a letter of the alphabet
1795Only Justice to be forced out of office involuntarily
1796Was a presidential candidate
1801Established that the Supreme Court had the power of judicial review
1836Delivered majority opinion on Dred Scott vs. Sandford
1864Face on the rare $10,000 bill
1874Nicknamed 'Mott'
1888His court ruled on Plessy vs. Ferguson
1910Succeeded by the President who appointed him
Year AppointedClue
1921Only President to later be a Supreme Court Justice
1930Was Governor of New York and Secretary of State
1941Only Justice to have physically filled all nine seats, having moved from least senior Associate Justice up to most senior Associate Justice, and then finally become Chief Justice
1946Last Chief Justice to be appointed by a Democrat
1953His court ruled on Brown vs. Board of Education and Virginia vs. Loving
1969His court ruled on Roe vs. Wade
1986Lifelong fan of Gilbert and Sullivan operas
2005Current Chief Justice

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