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What is Chaz & Alys' hometown?
What was the boss monster in the basement of Motavia Academy?
What was the rancher in Monsen raising?
What Motavian village was destroyed by Zio?
What magical liquid was used to free the citizens of Zema from petrification?
What A.I. lived in Birth Valley for over 1,000 years?
What was the first planet of the Algo Star System?
What is the total number of guild jobs your can complete?
What is the name of the priest you fight right before rescuing Demi?
What is the name of the power that injures Alys?
In what control center do you find Demi's Phonomezer unit?
What artifact is found at the top of Ladea Tower?
Upon which control center did Zio Build his fortress?
Gryz cannot go to Zelan because of what person?
Who is the last character to join your party permanently?
What enemy do you fight in the engine room of the spaceship?
What is the name of your second spaceship?
Which boss do you fight on Kuran, and then two other times?
Rune possesses the memories of Lutz, which are stored within what artifact?
What holy relic is stolen from Gumbious Temple by Lashiec's henchmen?
What character informs you of the presence of the Profound Darkness?
In what location is the Aeroprism found?
What is the fourth planet in the Algo Star System?
What agent of the Great Light greets the party by saying, 'Welcome, protectors, welcome?'
What is Chaz's ultimate weapon?

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