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Forced Order
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Potsdam Conference
USSR Boycott of the Los Angeles Olympics
Vostok 1 (Yuri Gagarin)
JFK Assasination
Sputnik II (Laika the dog)
VJ Day
Cuban Missile Crisis
Start of Berlin Blockade
Soviets withdraw from Afghanistan
End of Berlin Blockade
Tehran Conference
Helsink Accords signed
NATO Formed
Hungarian Revolution
Start of Korean War
The Trizone
Formation of Warsaw Pact
Proclamation of Hungarian Republic
Tiananmen Square Protests crushed in China
Bay of Pigs Invasion
Break-up of the Warsaw Pact
Malta Summit
Geneva Accords
Yalta Conference
Gorbachov becomes leader of the USSR
Khmer Rouge Genocide - Killing Fields
End of American involvement in Vietnam declared
Romanian Revolution
INF Treaty Signed
Nixon ordered US Troops into Cambodia
Iron Curtain Speech
Krushchev replaced by Brezhnev
First manned orbit of the Moon (Apollo 8)
Chernobyl Disaster
Death of Stalin
First moon landing (Apollo 11)
Truman Doctrine
SDI - 'Star Wars' - Announced
Fall of the Berlin Wall
German Reunification
Beginning of American involvement in Vietnam
Four Power Agreement, Berlin
START Treaty Proposed
U2 Incident
VE Day
End of the Soviet Union
Saigon falls to the North Vietnamese
Poland becomes first BLOC Democracy
Marshall Plan
Velvet Revolution
Resignation of Gorbachev
Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
Berlin Wall Erected
Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia
START Treaty Ratified
Jimmy Carter becomes US President
Glasnost and Peristroika
Suez Crisis
Apollo-Soyuz Joint Mission
Iranian Hostage Crisis
SALT Treaty
Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
US Boycott of the Moscow Olympics
Martial Law declared in Poland to crush Solidarity
Korean War Armistice

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