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A3rd champion, killed at own corner
BPerennial No. 2 driver, cheated death at Imola
CUS Track, four letter initialism
DIrishman who nearly lost a leg
EWhere Patrese flipped, in Portugal
FThis team are flying an orange, white and green flag for the second time
GInfamously overtaken. Ended career in a Marussia
HThis company's engines were most famously shrouded in red and white
IForever overshadowed by a single weekend.
JAustralian who won the title once for Frank
KFor a few years this system could give you a boost
LSite of a California street race
MFull name of a disastrous technicolour 1990s team.
NItalian Benetton driver who took a single win in Japan.
OA team named for a mineral, took a single podium with Stefan Johansson
P180 degrees of Italian speed
QSession in which grid positions are decided
RAccepted the trophy for the 1970 World Championship
SFast corner at the end of the Hangar Straight
TGerman who drove a shark, killed at Monza
UA massive problem for Jenson Button
VCast adrift by Toro Rosso, washed up in Formula E
WFamous blue armco killed two drivers in successive years
XBelgian driver who almost won two titles, name ends in this letter
YMiddle Eastern circuit - races held at night
ZDutch track dug out from the dunes

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