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Erik Estrada was born on March 16, 1949 in what U.S. State?
What is Erik Estrada’s ethnicity?
What was Erik Estrada’s character name on the CHiP's television show?
“The cross and the Switchblade” was Erik Estrada’s first, what?
Erik Estrada’s first television commercial was for what company?
For how many seasons was CHiP's on the air on network TV (before re-runs) (must type out the written number)?
In 2004, Erik starred in what VH1 reality series?
What is Erik’s nickname among his friends?
What make of motorcycles did Ponch and Jon ride on the original CHiP's TV series?
Erik was named one of the 'Sexiest Bachelors Alive' by People magazine in what year?
What kind of car did Ponch drive during seasons 2 through 5 of CHiP's?
Erik Estrada is routinely ridiculed by this stand-up comedian for failure to shake his hand on the set of one of Estrada’s television shows?
Erik Estrada made a cameo in what 2002 National Lampoon movie?
'CHiPs' made a return in the 1990's in a made for TV movie. What was the title of that film?
Estrada received a “Hollywood Walk of Fame” star, in what year?
“Estradasphere” was named after Estrada and is based in Santa Cruz, California. What is it?
What prominent item did Jon wear on his belt, that Ponch did not?
Estrada is now a real-life reserve police officer in what state?
In 2001, Estrada landed a role on what daytime soap/drama?
In 1979, Estrada was seriously injured while filming a CHiPs scene where he fractured several ribs and broke both his _________ after being thrown from his motorcycle.

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