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What is Emperor Palpatine first name?
What species is Watto?
What Jedi Master gets killed during order 66 on the Planet Cato Neimonidia?
What is Chewbacca's home Planet?
What is the name of the Pod Race Anakin Wins on Tatooine?
Who is Jabba the Hutts's right hand man and is always by his side?
What city is Human Capital in Naboo that gets taken over in Episode 1?
Who does Obi Wan kill with a Blaster?
What Planet does R2D2 technically come from? Where we first see him?
What city did Anakin Skywalker live in on Tatooine?
Who had Han Solo's Millennium Falcon when we discover it in Episode 7? Before getting stolen by Rey and Finn?
Who cuts off the Reek's right horn in the Battle of Geonosis in Episode 2?
Who commissioned the creation of a Clone army 10 years before the Clone Wars ever took place?
Who was born around the same time of Qui-Gon Jinn's Death?
What spy helps the Empire locate Obi, Han, Chewy, and Luke in Tatooine rite before they leave? He is considered the greatest spy in Mos Eisley.

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