Sesame Street Muppets (in alphabetical order)

Can you name the Sesame Street Muppets in alphabetical order?

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Fairy-in-training, first made her debut on the show in 2006.
Snuffy's little sister ..... not much more to say about her.
'A la peanut butter sandwiches!'
From the old Goldilocks and the Three Bears story, best friend of Telly Monster.
The infant daughter of Humphrey and Ingrid.
Large orange and white Muppet dog, belonged to Linda, originally named Woof-Woof.
Bellhop at the Furry Arms Hotel, don't call him a bunny or touch him!
Aficionado of pigeons, oatmeal, bottle caps and paper clips, lives with Ernie.
Looks a lot like Prairie Dawn, except for the hair.
Construction worker, partner of Sully
Man of his wind and connoisseur of bacon, from the Three Little Pigs story.
He's yellow! He's 6 years old! He's 8 feet tall!
Carried Oscar's trash can, hardly ever said a word.
Forgetful Jones' trusty steed, drives a Jeep.
He's a vampire......but he's a nice vampire.
Baby Bear's baby sister ... might become the new Baby Natasha!
Similar to the Honkers, except he hits the bell on his head to speak.
Little red guy, he's 3 1/2 years old.
Aficionado of rubber duckies, lives with Bert.
This absent-minded cowpoke lives right up to his name!
He is not fuzzy and blue, he is fuzzy and orange!
She's proud, proud, proud to be a cow!
Purple monster in the Monster Clubhouse segments, was originally named Mooba.
He's a superhero, waiter, plumber, fix-it monster, doorknob salesman ...... and he's cute, too!
Oscar's, ahem, 'girlfriend'.
Host of: Beat the Time, What's My Part, Here Is Your Life, etc.
Blue monster who doesn't know his own strength.
Bunch of fuzzy creatures who use their noses to speak.
Plays the saxophone, ran a jazz club called Birdland.
'Cat, fat, sat, rat, bat, hat ....... ALBUQUERQUE!'
Parents of Natasha.
Twin monkeys who loved BANANAS!
When Big Bird first met him, he thought he was a dog, a cat and a cow!
Girl monster who had three different designs, debut was in 2000.
Baby Bear's mother.
Interplanetary visitors who discovered telephones, radios, clocks and the like.
Blue monster in the Monster Clubhouse segments, spoke an unintelligible language.
Parody of actress Meryl Streep.
Bald blue guy at Grover's restaurant - pretty much fainted all the time.
Red/orange monster, hosts the 'Word on the Street' segments.
Orange monster in the Monster Clubhouse segments.
Parody of singing group The Pointer Sisters, three singing pigs.
Lives in a trash can, during the first year he was ORANGE!
Purple Spanish-speaking sheep
Baby Bear's father, hero and mentor
Green monster in the Monster Clubhouse segments, was originally named Groogel.
Opera singer, parody of Placido Domingo.
Level-headed little girl who played the piano and put on pageants.
Turquoise monster who speaks Spanish.
He is perfect - is perfect - is perfect - is-THUNK! Thank you!
The world's greatest detective, take on Sherlock Holmes.
Owner of the Furry Arms.
Oscar's pet worm.
Big Bird's friend, used to be invisible.
Talking plant, very self-conscious.
Silent construction worker, paired with Biff.
Eternally worrying triangle-loving fuchsia monster, best friend of Baby Bear, former best friend of Oscar.
Frequently arguing monster, often argued with itself.
Orange monster, Elmo's best friend.
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