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Can you name the Muppets from Sesame Street by their description?

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Lovable 8-foot tall yellow canary
3 1½-year old red monster with a high-pitched voice and laugh
Ravenous blue monster with googly eyes
Green creature who lives in a trash can
Blue monster who rarely uses contractions
Pointy-headed paperclip collector
Roommate of the above
Large brown elephant-like creature
Vampire with a mathematics obsession
Eternally worrying raspberry-colored monster
Best friend of the above
Yellow-orange female monster, best friend of Elmo
Turquoise Spanish-speaking monster
Fairy-in-training, replacement for Zoe
Red-orange monster, hosts 'What's the Word on the Street?'
Pet lamb of the above
Piano-playing little girl who puts on pageants
Light blue monster, wears red-and-white-striped pants
Conjoined lilac monster twins
Plays the saxophone, ran a jazz club called Birdland
Pink and blue aliens with squid-like tentacles, antennae and large eyes
Oscar's love interest
Hapless magician
Large sheepdog, belonged to Linda, originally named Woof-Woof
Host of various game shows, including 'Beat the Time', 'What's My Part' and 'Here Is Your Life'

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