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Drug Action/usesDrug
Cholinergic agonist, stereochemical centre, negative isomer lacks affinity
Adenosine Receptor Agonist
Causes permenant activation of Adenylyl Cyclase
Anti diabetic drug that inhibits ATP sensitive K+ channels, leading to membrane depolarization
Glucocortisol agonist, labour inducing agent
Calcium agonist (L, T, N VGCC). Dihydropiridine, therefore lipid soluble
beta adrenoreceptor agonist, used in bradycardia
Muscarinic Ach Receptor Antagonist
Progesterone agonist. Inhibits ovarian steroidogenesis
Potassium channel opener (hyperpolarizes cell via efflux of K+ ions, causes vasodilation)
Classic DHP, VGCC blocker
Irreversable Muscarinic Ach antagonist
Glucocorticoid agonist used in autoimmune conditions (canker in horses)
Ester type local anaesthetic. NA+ channel blocker, weak base-has to enter cell.
Blocks NaV 1.8 and 1.9 (uncharged, hydrophobic)
Slow in-slow out Local Anaesthetic, use dependant at low concs
Progesterone receptor agonist
Antagonist to nicotinic Ach receptor, binds competitively and irreversibly. Cannot cross BBB
Drug Action/usesDrug
Mineralocorticoid receptor agonist
Aldosterone antagonist-diuretic (K+ sparing)
Nicotinic Ach antagonist (neurmuscular junction) flaccid paralysis
Oestrogen agonist (the pill)
Local anaesthetic and antidysrhythmic that blocks fast VGNa+ channels. Is an amine.
Calcium channel blokcer (Benzothiazepine)
Treatment of manic depression
Quaternary LA. ineffective outside the cell.
Muscarinic Ach receptor agonist
Vasodilator, K+ channel opener-hyper polarisation, similar to diazoxide
Estradiol antagonist-used to treat man boobs
Same as Minoxidil and diazoxide-vasodilator
Toxin, blocks NA+ channel from outside using guanidnium group.
Sulphonylurea-orally acting hypoglycaemic agent, that closes KATP channels and depolarizes membrane, increasing insulin relsease
Agonist to nicotinic Ach receptors, particularly ganglionic type and CNS type. Vasoconstriction + adrenaline release
Inhibit tyrosine kinasees (dimer type receptors)
Exotoxin produced by Bordetella sp. Catalyses ADP ribosylation of alpha subunits of heterameric G protein.
VGCC blocker used in cardiac (instead of DHPs). Antidysrhythmic

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