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Can you name the The Wizard of Oz trivia questions?

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Which person does Dorothy first meet in Oz?
What color are the Flying Monkeys?
What does The Wicked Witch of the West say to her Flying Monkeys?
How many years old is this film?
What age was Dorothy Gale supposed to be in this film?
What does Dorothy say to the Wizard's head first?
When they are going down the tunnel to see the Wizard, what does the Cowardly Lion say?
If you look closely during the scene where Dorothy slaps the Cowardly Lion for trying to bite Toto, you can see Judy Garland trying to hide what?
Other than the Yellow Brick Road, there was another road. What color was it?
What was The Wizard's Kansas character?
What was the name of Professor Marvel's horse?
What hair color was Dorothy Gale originally going to have?
What were some of the last scenes filmed?
When Dorothy gets frightened by the Wizard's fake floating green head, what does she say when she runs to the Tin Man?
Where did Dorothy's bow go when she got a fix-up at the Emerald City?
Who played Dorothy in this film?
The Wicked Witch of the West was originally going to have a child. What gender was this child?
What number does Auntie Em repeat when she is counting chicks at the farm?
What does Dorothy say when she gets near the bushes where the Munchkins are hiding?
Cowardly Lion is afraid of a farm animal, what farm animal was it?
There was originally going to be a Princess of Oz that sang opera while she was angered with Dorothy when she sang what type of music?
The Wicked Witch of the West originally planted a trap for Dorothy and her friends. What was this trap?
Who was the main director of this marvelous film?
Who was the star of this marvelous film?
The role of Dorothy Gale almost was given to what famous child star, but then it got switched back to the first choice: Judy Garland?
Crows came from all around to eat in his field and do what to the Scarecrow?
Dorothy clicks her heels together three times and thinks to herself that there's no place like home, but what else does she do?
What time does Dorothy thinks she will be home?
What puts the ape in apricot?
How about a hippopotamus? Why, I'd....what comes after those words in this quote?
Dorothy says what to Auntie Em right after she disappears from The Wicked Witch of the West's crystal ball?

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