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What is the first ever segment of the first 'Treehouse of Horror'?
In 'Treehouse of Horror II', what happened to Ned Flanders' house in 'The Monkey's Paw'?
'Treehouse of Horror II' had segments that were nightmares of what three characters?
In 'Treehouse of Horror XX', what was the new burger from Krusty Burger called?
Marge became a generic spellbinding monster on 'Treehouse of Horror VIII', what was it?
Homer got a new magic what in 'Send in the Clones' of 'Treehouse of Horror XIII'?
Bart was replaced with a mechanical object in 'Treehouse of Horror XVI'. What was it?
In 'Treehouse of Horror XV', Lisa becomes a Sherlock Holmes-type detective. Who turned out to be the 'Mutton-Chop Murder'?
In 'Treehouse of Horror V', Bart has the...what?
Marge dressed as what during Halloween on 'Treehouse of Horror XVI'. What was she?
Groundskeeper Willie became a famous movie serial killer in 'Treehouse of Horror VI', what movie serial killer was he?
Homer went into a different universe in 'Treehouse of Horror VII', which he called:
Lisa created a new world in what Treehouse of Horror?
Marge became excessively what in the 12th Treehouse of Horror?
In the 8th Treehouse of Horror, Lisa shared what with the fly counterpart of Bart?
What was the final segment on the 19th Treehouse of Horror?
How many Treehouse of Horrors have the Simpsons had?

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