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What happened to Becky when she tried to make a speech on the season 2 premiere?
What did Roseanne hear inside of her?
What state did Mark get a job in that forced him and Becky to get married soon after?
What did Roseanne name her final child?
What did Roseanne say of marshmellows as?
Who was really a lesbian instead of Beverly Harris?
What was the name of DJ's girlfriend?
What did Mark say when Becky asked him how he was feeling in 'The '50s Show'?
Who came to the Conners home during the Tornado?
What did Roseanne say to the other waitress at Rodbells when she opens her jacket to reveal her uniform?
What was the second season premiere?
What was Roseanne's shopping list in 'Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore'?
Which Beatle of The Beatles was Roseanne's favorite?
Which Beatle of The Beatles was Jackie's favorite?
What was the name of Darlene's friend that had a child and was Roseanne's age?
David had a different name in the first episode he premiered in. What was it?
Who was Bev having sex with when she broke her hip?
Darlene said Becky made history when she cut the cheese. What did she say exactly?
When the Conners won the lottery, how much was it?
When was Becky born?
When was Darlene born?
When was DJ born?
What was Roseanne's birth date?
When was Jackie born?
When Roseanne was 41, how old was Jackie?
What did Roseanne do to the candy that she took from Jackie saying it was poisoned?

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