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Can you name the name the fictional or real 1950-60s toy?

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A talking doll that was introduced in 1960 and 'chatted' when you pulled her string
A doll that was introduced in 1959 with straight legs and a boyfriend introduced in 1961:
A vegetable that you could add facial expressions to him and his wife, introduced in 1952
A doll that grew hair introduced in 1969, made by the Ideal Doll Company
A doll that actually kissed you when you squeezed her arms together, introduced in 1961
A doll that was about the same size as the number one answer, and she said things you recorded her to say, and she understood you're voice, so you could talk with her over, and ove
Toy cars that was introduced in 1953, that was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s
A doll made by the same company as the sixth answer, that was introduced in 1950
A game that 'trained' you to be a nurse, introduced in 1959
A molding clay that came in a variety of colors introduced in 1956
An 'older' sister for the first answer, that was introduced in 1964
A killer doll that said I love you to a little girl, and I am going to kill you to her father introduced in 1963

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