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Can you name the Women of the Old Testament?

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What she didWoman's NameBook of Bible
Fought patriarchal system to keep her widowed mother-in-law from sliding into povertyRuth
A warrior, prophetess, judge, poet, and musician Judges
Raised her son, Hezekiah, to destroy idols, even in the face of her husband's royalty and idolatryII Kings 18:2
First woman to inspire music, both of harp and organGenesis 4:19, 20, 23
Only ruling queen of JudahI Chronicles 2:26
Wife of Aaron, first head of Hebrew priesthood, ancestress of entire Levitical priesthoodExodus 6:23
Became wife of Ahasuerus (Xerxes), king of Persia, saved the Jews from genocideEsther
Abraham's handmaid, mother of IshmaelGenesis 16, 21, 14, 17, 25
Mother of Moses, Miriam, and AaronExodus
Midwife, disobeyed Pharaoh by not killing Hebrew sonsExodus 1:15
Disobeyed her husband, a king, by not coming to dance for him and his drunk friendsEsther 1, 11, 12, 15-17, 19

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