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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about The Next Generation?

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Show's creator 
First Executive producer 
Second Executive producer 
Third Executive producer 
Production studio 
Number of seasons 
Number of episodes 
Year of premiere 
Ships Systems
Name of starship 
Class of starship 
Registration of starship 
Constructed yard for the ship 
Planet where ship was finally destroyed 
Number of decks 
Bridge is on deck # 
Main shuttlebay on deck # 
Sickbay on deck # 
Main Engineering on deck # 
First Officer 
Second Officer/Operations 
Chief Medical Officer 
Chief Engineer 
Security Chief 
Noteworthy Episode
Picard sees 'four lights!' 
Wesley crashes at the Academy 
Riker hospitalized as an alien 
Worf accepts discommendation 
Data's life is on trial 
Series finale 
Q helps Picard relive a stabbing 
Picard lives an entire life in minutes 
The Borg assimilate Picard 
Tasha Yar sent back in time to die again 
Future Famous Faces
'The Dark Page'/Spider-Man 
'The Perfect Mate'/GoldenEye 
'The Outrageous Okona'/Lois and Clark 
'The Game'/Kiss the Girls 
'Yesterday's Enterprise'/Happy Gilmore 
'The First Duty'/Star Trek: Voyager 
'Starship Mine'/Star Trek: Voyager 
'The Pegasus'/Lost 
'The Hunted'/Babe 

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