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Can you name the objects from Lord of the Rings by the clues given?

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Elven draught given by Elrond to Gandalf.
Sword of Elendil, before it was broken.
Sword of Aragorn, after it was reforged.
Biscuit made in Esgaroth/Dale, given to Thorin's company.
Elven way-bread.
Sword used to slay Glaurung.
Gandalf's sword taken from the troll hoard.
Thorin's sword taken from the troll hoard.
Spear of Gil-galad.
Thingol's sword, forged by Eol.
Knife used by Beren on Morgoth's crown.
Mace of Morgoth.
Bilbo's elven knife.
Book recording the fate of Balin's expedition.
Jewel laid to rest with Thorin.
Necklace of the Dwarves given to Finrod Felagund.
Aragorn's ring identifying him as Isildur's heir.
Rod of office of the Kings of Arnor.
The three gems made by Feanor to hold the light of the Two Trees.
Gem of office of the Kings of Arnor.
Chains that bound Melkor.
Black metal worked by Eol.
Metal found only in Moria.
Made by elves to mirror starlight and moonlight on command.
Any of seven seeing stones brought from Numenor.
Ship bearing Earendil into the heavens.

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