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Can you name the elements from the periodic table given the translation of their root words?

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MeaningElementRoot Words
Gk: Goddess of wisdom
Sp: Silver
Gk: Pale green
Gk: Heavy
L: Lime(stone)
Gk: Acid forming
L: 'Alumen'
Gk: City of Paris
Eng: Johan Gadolin
L: City of Copenhagen
Gk: District of Magnesia
L: Island of Cyprus
L: To flow
Gk: Green twig
Gk: Hidden
Gk: Stone
Gk: Violet
Gk: Father of Niobe
L: 'calamine'
Gk: Bringer of light
Eng: America
Ger: Goblin/evil spirit
L: Dark red
Eng: Lise Meitner
L: Flint
L: Charcoal
Ar: 'Buraq'
Eng: Ernest O. Lawrence
Swed: Village of Ytterby
L: Earth
Gk: Lead
L: Russia
Gk: Moon
Gk: Not alone
Gk: Green twin
Eng: Lord Rutherford
Skt: 'Sulvere'
Eng: Pot ashes
MeaningElementRoot Words
Gk: Water forming
L: Ray
L: Magnet
Eng: Alfred Nobel
A-S: Lead
L: Scandinavia
Gk: Unstable
Eng: Wilhelm Roentgen
L: God of the Ocean
L: Germany
Gk: Titan who gave fire to mankind
Gk: Sun
Gk: Beryl
Gk: Lands north of Greece
Gk: Stench
Gk: Hard to obtain
L: Hess
Ger: City of Darmstadt
Gk: Ray
Eng: Albert Einstein
Eng: Nicolaus Copernicus
L: God of the Underworld
Swed: Town of Ytterby
A-S: 'Tin'
Ger: Devil's copper
Eng: City of Berkeley
L: Scandinavia
Eng: Niels Bohr
Gk: Stranger
L: Blue sky
Gk: Rainbow
Eng: State of California
Eng: Pierre and Marie Curie
Gk: New
Gk: Sweden
Gk: Daughter of Tantalus
Scott: Village of Strontian
Ger: 'Zink'
MeaningElementRoot Words
A-S: Holy metal
Gk: New twin
A-S: 'Siolfur'
Gk: God of the Sky
L: France
L: A blue Indian dye
Eng: Radium
L: Messenger God
Gk: Colour
Gk: Inactive
Gk/Latin: Nitre forming
Eng: France
Gk: River Rhine
Russ: Vasili Samarsky-Bykhovets
Swed: Town of Ytterby
Ar: Gold colour
Eng: Soda
Eng: Poland
Gk: Rose
Gk: To lie hidden
Gk: First ray
Gk: Artificial
Swed: Town of Ytterby
Eng: Nuclear Institude at Dubna
Eng: Glenn T. Seaborg
Gk: Yellow orpiment
A-S: Gold
Scand: Goddess of beauty
Gk: 'Titans'
Eng: Dmitri Mendeleev
L: God of Agriculture
Scand: God of War
Swed: Heavy stone
Eng: Enrico Fermi
Gk: Smell
Ger: 'bisemutum'

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