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Can you name the AD&D 1st-Level Spells by the alliterative clue?

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EffectSpell NameClass
Fan flamesWizard
Security systemWizard
Personal protectionWizard
Shiny soundWizard
Fiery fingersWizard
Simple spellsWizard
Alter appearanceWizard
Friendly foesWizard
Freezing fingerWizard
Blinding blastWizard
Determine dialectWizard
Luminous leapersWizard
Lighted lootWizard
Corpse compassWizard
Bigger buddyWizard
Glyphs goneWizard
Deter descentWizard
Pet detectWizard
Ally attractorWizard
Medusa mirrorWizard
Slippery stuffWizard
Door damWizard
Subtle suggestionWizard
EffectSpell NameClass
Describe dweomerWizard
High heightWizard
Disrupt darknessWizard
Force flingerWizard
Wondrous weldingWizard
Sting's songWizard
Summon steedWizard
Erroneous enchantmentWizard
Holographic hindranceWizard
Sinister shieldWizard
Grasp glyphsWizard
Missile mailWizard
Electric ensnarementWizard
Sudden snoozeWizard
Peter Parker parambulationWizard
Shivering spineWizard
Mother-mocking magicWizard
Hoard holderWizard
Illusionary indenturedWizard
Project particablesWizard
Cloud coverWizard
Sages signatureWizard
Beast buddyPriest
EffectSpell NameClass
Religious rightPriest
Priest power-upPriest
Demanding decreePriest
Design draughtPriest
Blessed bandagePriest
Scan sinnersPriest
Lighted lootPriest
Toxin trackingPriest
Hole hunterPriest
Climate comfortPriest
Snagging sticksPriest
Missile magnetPriest
Mammalian misguidancePriest
Skeletal stealthPriest
Disrupt dakrnessPriest
Find flora and faunaPriest
Blessed boulderPriest
Trackless trapesingPriest
Sinister shieldPriest
Consumable cleansingPriest
Holy hide-outPriest
Smiting stickPriest

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Too bad there aren't many 'H' words for 'tasty', because that's what these all are.
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