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Can you pass your N.E.W.Ts and protect yourself from death?

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SituationSpells CastSpell Hint
 Use a spell to conjure water
 Which spell cleans things?
 This spell is ONLY used to kill spiders
 Which spells freezes things, ice-wise?
 Use a spell that ignites stuff
 Use a spell to summon the duster to you
 The opposite of the previous spell
 Use the unlocking spell
 Which spell lights the tip of your wand?
 You need to get rid of the light on the end of your wand with the counter-spell
 Create a bouquet of flowers from your wand
SituationSpells CastSpell Hint
 Lock the door behind you
 Block it! You don't know what it's going to do!
 Get rid of his weapon!
 Confuse him! He won't know what's going on!
 Use a spell that 'turns off' other spells
 It's time for revenge! Use the same spell he used!
 Tie them up to stop them from getting away.
 I wonder if these two are ticklish...
 Use something that releases an object or being's grip on something
 Come on, Einstein, whoever that is! Which spell is one of the only weaknesses of a Dementor?
 A.K.A Red Sparks!

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