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Effect Shortened/TextDragon
Can attack Twice and is immune to Traps That Target it
Negates Spells/Traps That Target it and redirect attack to itself
'A Mystical Dragon That Burns away the unworthy with its mystic flames'
Protects Dragon's from effects that Target and Special Summons a Dragon from hand
Destroys all cards on field for 1000 Lifepoints and mills 4 cards at end of turn
Is uneffected by all Spell Cards
Can only be summoned when 7 crystal beast are in graveyard or on field
Takes the Effect of a Level 6 Or Lower Dark Monster by removing it from play
'A Very Beautiful Dragon cover with Sapphire. It Does not like fights, but has incredibly high attack power'
If this card attack it destroys itself at the End phase
Stops a Monster from attacking or changing battle position until end of Opponents next turn
Searches for a Target with 1500 ATK or Less when Destroyed in Battle
'A Wicked Dragon that taps into Dark Forces to execute a powerful attack'
Destroys all cards on the field when Synchro Summoned
By removing a Dragon-Type Synchro in either Graveyard from play this card gains that ability until end phase
Requires 3 Darks Exactly to summon and can remove a Dark in Grave to Destroy a Card on field
Increases The Level of a Card on the field by 1
Counts as 2 Tributes for the Summon Of A Dragon-Type Monster
'Red Eyes Black Dragon' + 'Summoned Skull'
The Only Ritual Dragon-Type Monster
Effect Shortened/TextDragon
When A Card effect is activated to destroy a card on the field tribute this card to negate it
This Card Loses 500 ATK and DEF When a Spell/Trap is activated or Monster Effect
This card inflicts Piercing damage then switches to defense mode
Destroys a Card on your field and 1 on your opponents
Can Be Special Summoned when your opponent controls a Monster and you don't but ATK/DEF are halved
Can remove up too 5 Spells in your opponents Graveyard to increase its ATK by 300 Points for each card removed
When Destroyed by Battle lets you add a Level 3 Or Lower Dragon from deck to hand
Has High DEF and can destroy a Field Spell and give you 1000 Lifepoints in doing so
'This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale.'
When Normal Summoned can grab a Monster with 500 ATK or less from Graveyard
When this card is Synchro Summoned Banish 1 Synchro on opponents side of the field
During the battle Phase Traps Cannot be Activated
'A Ferocious Dragon with a Powerful Attack'
Switches to DEF after a successful Attack
When sent to graveyard adds a Blue Eyes White Dragon from deck to hand
When Summoned Twice can attack twice during same battle phase
When this card is destroyed by battle destroys the monster that destroyed it
If it attacks a defense position monster destroy all Defense position monsters at end of the damage calculations
Can Special Summon a Dragon from hand of Graveyard
'Blue-Eyes White Dragon + Blue-Eyes White Dragon + Blue-Eyes White Dragon'

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